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stunning win by Pacquiao

The highly publicized “Dream Match” between world’s boxer best pound for pound Manny Pacquiao and Boxing’s Golden boy Oscar Dela Hoya turn out to be indeed a mismatch.The only difference is that it was Pacquiao who won by stunning upset that could put to an end to the colorful boxing career of dela Hoya.

It was so stunning that dela hoya did not continue the fight anymore before the ninth bell rings.

As so called ring experts told that it will be dela hoya coming out with spectacular performance and put Pacquiao away by knockout or decision, it was the other way around.

Dela hoya was obviously given his last boxing lesson.

Not to take away anything from dela hoya but i think he is done as far as fighting in the ring is concern.

He had already shown his capabilities and surely be remembered and revered as one of the finest boxer in his era but it is time to go.

Pacman really is the toast of boxing right now.

With the help of trainer/coach Freddie Roach, he was phenomenon it the fight.

Clear fight plan and superb conditioning.

He had also close escape from the punches of dela hoya but he overcome them all.

Pacquiao deserves all the credit!!!

Pacquiao vs dela hoya:Pacquiao self distracting again?????

Posted in my views and opinions by lawinthemountainer on September 4, 2008
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The much hype and mega bout of boxing superstar and legend Oscar Dela Hoya and boxing most exciting and current boxing’s best pound for pound Manny is taking a new twist.

Aside from the boxing bout, Pacquiao is again hot this time in his political plans as he was recently sworn in as Kampi member, a political party of the Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

The new political development in Pacquiao’s case again put added distraction to Manny even tough he immediately shrugged off.

Obviously there is and will be distractions again.

His training will surely be affected.

Why? because he had open again an avenue for people from all ways of life, all with different interest to approached him.

His obvious interest in politics will force him to bend and give attention to people not related to his upcoming mutli million fight.

Pacquiao is already the under dog and will be hard press to win in this bout and still find another distraction.

Dela Hoya or more popular as the golden boy will put everything on the line in this bout so expect him to give his all.

Beside the recent betting in the world’s gambling capital, La Vegas, show that he is the clear winner as of the moment.

Will the bettors put their hard earn dollars just in exchange for nothing.

Pacquiao should connect now with his world famous trainer freddie roach.

Roach had always been very honest and straight forward in his comment for Pacquiao be it in his favor and against him because of his concern to his prized catch ward.

Pacquiao admitted that he will be in for the fight of life. he should show signs and start proving it.

Forget for now politics, it will not help but deter his slim chances.

think after he hang his golden gloves.

For now concentrate on boxing because it is where he made a name for himself and currently on top of the world.