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Is pacquiao now the greatest Filipino boxer?

The devastating win of Filipino ring gladiator Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao against the badly beaten and dethrone Mexican- American David Diaz again will resurrect the question is manny pacquiao now the greatest boxer of all times the Philippines ever produced?

Before the entry of Pacman, it was no doubt the Gabriel “Flash Elorde was considered and almost handsdown choice of many especially our boxing analysts and scholars.

Even when Pacquiao began showing what stuff he was made of.

His meteorically climb to  become one of the most exciting fighter of his generation did not move many of the Elorde believers.

More so when some of Pacman’s outside the ring activities were being expose to tri-media and his humiliating loss in his first political try in 2007.

The once poor boy from General Santos City however elected to make some changes and move to the better and proper direction.

Pacman eventually upped even his boxing popularity and even further improved his boxing prowess as shown by his wins against future hall of Famers Mexicans Erick “El Terrible” Morales, Marco Antonio Barrera and juan manuel marquez.

His marquez split decision victory set him up to the Diaz fight many thought will be a very crucial fight.

One his last victory was clouded because of the close decision which could have gone neither way.

He is moving up to higher division which is clear five pounds up.

His devastating performance where his showing is considered by his renown trainer Freddie Roach as his best performance ever erase all doubts about his capacities and what is made up as a boxer.

Pacquiao justified is current billing as the best pound for pound boxer today.

He holds now the distinction of the only Filipino fighter to ever win the lightweight belt.

Lastly as the first Asian fighter ever to win four boxing belts in four different divisions.

Pacquiao really has gone a long way and currently the top world boxer undoubtedly.

All of these praises and accolades of Pacquiao did not seem to affect him as he remains humble and true to himself which in my view is even more remarkable.

This can easily be attested by the countless media interviews that he accommodates and still show signs that his feet are well planted to the ground.

From my end I have no doubt that Pacquiao was ever future holds him is now the greatest Filipino fighter of all time.

More so he could contend himself even the Asian best produced boxer.

(the above post is my humble opinion as a sport fanatic and a boxing fan)