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Amazing Michael Phelps

US superstar swimmer Michael Phelps is now probably the superstar among the stars of the on going Beijing Olympics.

He is vying to surpassed the nearly impossible, the seven- gold medal harvest of fellow american Mark Spitz in 1972 munich olympics.

Phelps watch no less than US President George Bush won in his first two events.

Winning he 400 meter medley and helping the US team to win the 4x 100 freestyle relay, both in world record shattering record.

the 23- yr old sensation is indeed an extraordinary man.

His current medal harvest alone align him already to the greatest ever Olympians as he has already garnered eight golds and two bronzes overall if we include his medals in the 2004 athens olympics.

I am sure few will object if we will consider him the greatest ever to swam in the olympic waters.

He will erase all doubts with the outcome of this olympics.

His eight-gold aim in this olympics is almost impossible goal with consideration to human capacity and the depth of the competitions where records fell nearly every event.

But Phelps has shown his beyond human’s limits.

the amazing kid will indeed get all the accolades when the games end.

With or without surpassing the mark, Phelps has done enough to get all our praises!!!!