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Miss Virginia tobacco 2009

the 12 lovely candidates vying for the title “Miss Virginia Tobacco 2009”. the pageant night will be on March 27 at the Candon Civic Center, Candon City, Ilocos Sur.

Ilocos Sur Christmas Tree

The unique old style window pattern christmas tree of Ilocos Sur built infront of the provincial capitol, Vigan City, Ilocos Sur

view from skyline, quirino, ilocos sur

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The huge river passing several villages of Quirino, Ilocos Sur, mountain ranges and other nature’s best seen from the so-called skyline area along national road going to Quirino, Ilocos Sur.

begnas Ylocos Festival

Candon City hosts Begnas Ylocos Festival

Candon City played a gracious host to the First Begnas ( thanksgiving) Ylocos Festival on Oct 28- 30, 2008.

The Festival with the theme of “Agbiag ti Kaugalian a Nainsigudan” ( Long live our traditional and cultural values) was participated in by 23 towns of Ilocos Sur and Candon City that showcased the culture of different Indigenous peoples living in the said areas.

Leading the guests were Deputy Speaker Eric Singson, Ilocos Sur Gov. Deogracias Victor Savellano, Vice Governor Jeremias Singson and City Mayor Allen Singson.

Deputy Speaker Singson and Gov Savellano funded the three day festival.

The Festival is show of appreciation by the people to the good harvest.

The participating towns and City has Indigenous peoples that belongs to different tribes like Bago, Kankana-ey, Itneg and Tinggian.

Candon City government led by City Mayor Singson provided and prepared the venue and other facilities needed with the support of the Department of Education- Candon City Division and different barangay officials and folks of the City.

The Candon South Central School and Candon North Central School were the main billeting area for the participants while Candon City Beach Resort served as the official residence of the Baggak ti Daya contestants and the organizers.

It was three day showcase of talents of cultural ensemble, indigenous dances , songs and games, rituals, food festival and trade fair.

Former Candon City Councilor and Sangguniang Panlalawigan Member Robert Tudayan proposed the staging of the affair after very good success in the city with its annual Bago Festival held every December.

Rainbow hovers Candon City farms

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the nature beauty rainbow above a farmer feeding his cow in Candon City, Ilocos Sur.

Going to historic Bessang Pass in Ilocos Sur, Philippines

Glimpse of Bessang Pass Trip

It was almost noon under the scorching heat of the sun, I and two good friends on top of our respectively motorbikes, transversed the more than 60 kilometers Suyo- Cervantes Road to go the famous Bessang Pass Shrine in Malaya, Cervantes, Ilocos Sur.

The area is very historic and significant part of Philippine history as it is the site where 3, 400 people perished.

It led to the conquering of the Japanese Imperial Force under General Tomoyuki Yamashita by the combine United State Army Force in Philippines and Filipino Soldiers.

As American soldiers admitted as “it is one of the most terrible and incredibly difficult battle of the entire World War II”.

The photographs were taken as we proceeded and when we go down at about two o’clock in the afternoon.

The more than one hour trip going up and equally the same time going down was worth every moment because of the rare experience to be too close to nature and appreciate its beauty.

Relief operations for victims of typhoon karen

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The City Government of Candon waste no time and immediately dispatched relief goods and implemented other measures to ease the effects of Typhoon Karen that hit hard the city.

The city was practically under water and many lives were in endanger as result of the typhoon.

The city government led by City Mayor Allen Singson worked round the clock to patrol the whole city and look at the situation of the Candonians.

The City Social Welfare and Development Office was the lead department in the distribution of relief goods.

Candon at th height of Super Typhoon Karen

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The City of Candon was one of the hardest hit by super Typhoon Karen on Aug 18-19, 2008.
The whole city was under the mercy of the said typhoon as flood practically put the whole city under water.

the main roads were almost not passable with only heavy or huge vehicles like dump trucks can fly the routes.

The city government led by City Mayor Allen Singson immediately made actions ensure the safety of all its residents and those passing by.

Deputy Speaker Eric Singson ordered the different construction companies to lend their dump trucks to carry people from the endangered area to evacuation centers.

the city dump trucks were used to carry goods to be delivered to the people and transport people especially those stranded.

Thanks GOD the storm calm down after Aug 20.

Old Style farming back in Ilocos Sur

Old method farming is back in Candon City, Ilocos Sur to fight off the unstoppable oil price hikes that is hitting the whole country nearly every week. Using cow or cabarao can ease some financial burden to farmers.

Philippines’ longest cigar

Philippines\' longest cigarLongest cigar carried during grand parade

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