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be environmentalist

Hello everyone

As the Philippines enters the so called wet season, i again see the beauties and wonders of environment. The green mountains though many are obviously naked and denuded.

The green color covering our hills and mountains are good enough to thank the lord for wonderful nature he provided.

Unfortunately not all of us appreciate it.

The worse is we even destroy and some of us are very successful already as the ill effects of raped environment are already felt and continous to be experience by us.

I enjoin everyone to share their contributions to regreen, reforest and protect our environment.

I enjoin leaders in public and private to follow the works of Puerto Princesa City Mayor Edward Hagedorn as there city had been practicing feast of the forest for the last 18 years.

Look at their forest, they had clearly gain from it as tourist destination and protected very well their source of water.

Another city to emulate and eventually also making a name in environmental protection and preservation is the city of Candon.

Under the watch of City Mayor Allen Singson the city had conducted already four consecutive Fiesta ti Bantay (feast of the forest) at the city own 130 hectares land situated in Palacapac and San Andres, Candon City.

Thousands of fruit bearing trees like mango, durian, jackfruit, santol and others are already planted and ready to bear fruits.

Mahogany, narra, gemilina and other lumber trees are now towering in the area particularly near and surrounding the watershed area.

In two or three years, the area will surely be eco-tourism site and the city government and its partners like other government agencies, baranagy folks and other sectors involve will surely benefit from it.

Again he environmentalist.

Let us help prepare our area for our children and the next generation to come.