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The world’s best pound for pound boxer Manny Pacquiao will prevail over Golden Boy Oscar Dela Hoya. Both had a easy weigh in and they look in the best shape of their lives.

From what i saw in photos the much emphasized height and reach advantage or in general the so called bigger dela hoya factor is practically gone as they are obviously in the same weight now.

What is glaring is Pacquiao looks much fresher.

He seem very comfortable with his weight.

The betting is also closing in.

The once stood 2-1 in favor of dela hoya is fast becoming even.

Dela hoya will still favorite but once the bell rings it will be fighter vs fighter, dela hoya vs pacquiao, experience vs youth.

the so called general view that good bigman will prevail over a good small men does not always holds true.

The Pacquiao vs Dela Hoya fight will prove it.

Because the good small man here is better that the good big man.

Foremost reason, the small man happens to have the biggest heart of the two.

Yes Manny Pacquiao secret is his fighting heart.

It is his edge and it will be the x-factor in this fight.

Pacman by decision.

How will Pacquiao win against dela hoya???

The most awaited fight of the year is cemented and starting to gather voluminous comments and analysis.

The Golden Boy Oscar Dela Hoya the six time world boxing champ against Manny Pacquiao, four time world champion and currently the world’s best pound for pound fighter.

Now how can Pacquiao win in the fight of his life.

First he must be at his best form and complete mind set for the bout.

Pacquiao’s best is really something that Dela Hoya would not want because it has been proven in the past that if the Pacman fights in his best element he is very dangerous and capable of an upset against the highly favored bigger and more experience foe.

His mindset must into the fight. He lose to future Hall of Famer Erik “El Terrible” Morales in their fight bout because of obvious over confident thinking that Morales was for easy picking. When they clashed, Morales turn out to be the best his opponent so far that time he had met which eventually resulted to his last defeat.

When they had their rematch and eventually their third battle, the pacman was much prepared and had put his mind into it. It resulted to convincing fashion victory.

Another advantage for Pacquiao in his upcoming dela hoya bout is his tremendous hand speed and youth.

It goes with saying that he quicker than dela hoya which is his answer to the five inches reach advantage of his opponent.

Move around him and try to go inside.

This can be done because he is much younger at 29 compared to dela hoya’s 35 summers.

Pacquiao  should go to the body in the early rounds to weaken the dela hoya’s body and hope that he will bring down his defenses to open for head hunting.

It is in the latter rounds that pacman will have a chance to win by knockout or points if he will be able to out box dela hoya which i must advice to be his aim.

Pacquiao should also listen to Freddie Roach’s game plan and practice it and perform to perfection during the bout.

Remember that Roach, a two-time trainer of the year awardee, knows how dela hoya fight by like the palm of his hand having handled and was at his corner when he fought the former world pound for pound best boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr though it was a defeat.

Roach have a clear idea on what is dela hoya’s strength and weaknesses. He will surely impart that all to Manny.

Another is for Pacquiao to start finding much bigger sparing mates.

For him to feel the power of the legitimate welter weight and middle weight fighters.

Their punchers are much harder.

Last is for pacman to ask for guidance from the lord.

Pacquiao vs Valero?

Posted in my views and opinions by lawinthemountainer on July 2, 2008
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the search is on for the next opponent of the world’s best pound for pound boxer today and Philippines’ pride Manny Pacquiao.

On top of the list is Edwin Valero, the devastating fighter from Venezuela.

News circulating states that Valero has the inside track of the November 8 slated fight of Pacquiao.

Now is he the best opponent to choose if one is given the chance?

From my end I say no.


For some simple and practical reasons.

Valero will have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

Valero has an incredible boxing record of 24 wins no loss with all his wins by knockout including 19 in the first round.

He is currently the reigning World Boxing Association super-featherwieght champion.

Valero, 26 and managed by Akihiko Honda is no push over and obviously again a very dangerous opponent.

I find it too risky for Pacquiao to face Valero considering his status. When risk everything if you have other ways to still avoid it.

Why not face Ricky Hatton of Great Britain or Jose Casamayor.

In case he square off against Englishman Hatton even in his current 140 lbs division, super-lightweight, he will be up against an equally popular fighter and with fan or support base.

It will be i think Pacquiao best option.

After the fight it will be time for Manny to think of retiring. That will be again another piece. . .