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Give Obama the chance

Posted in my views and opinions by lawinthemountainer on November 24, 2008
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US President Elect Barrack Obama is now making the foundations of his administration which seeks to address the recession of the world’s economy.

Obama is hard press to show his mettle and surely everybody particularly the Americans are watching over his moves.

He projected himself the ‘change’.

Obama is their hope that is why he was voted by clear majority and huge edge in the electoral vote result.

Let us therefore give the first elected black president the chance.

One of the best way to show our support is give him the chance.

The chance to prove his worth and perform his job.

It is too early to make predictions and analysis on the direction he is establishing.

Let us give him the leeway to spread his wings and feel the power for him to enforce for the common good of the Americans and all of us.

All countries are of course affected considering that the United States remains the only super power in the world and its movement creates impact to every country.

Let us give Obama the chance!