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Dela Hoya vs Pacquiao on

The confirmed between boxing box office superstar Oscar ” Golden Boy” Dela Hoya and Manny ” Pacman” Pacquiao, boxing’s hottest commodity will be surely the one of the most anticipated and talk about bout of the year.

Dela Hoya a six time world title holder, with hollywood charisma, boxing superstar and currently the top boxing promoter of the world

On the other hand, Manny Pacquiao, the current hottest and most exciting boxer in the world and the Philippines’ national pride.

A mere scratching the surface of the fighters’ boxing career and achievements, you are guaranteed of a hell of a fight.

Let us go to their obvious advantages.

For Dela Hoya, his height, about 5 inches reach advantage and experience.

He is not a six time world boxing title holder for nothing despite his ripe age now of 36.

The Barcelona Olympics 1992 Olympics gold medalist certainly knows what are the things stakes in the fight and he will surely summon all his best to produce again another outstanding fight.

For the Pacman, his speed and youth will be his clear edge.

No doubt that he has the fastest hands in his division.

No less than his last opponent, David Diaz stated to his corner in the sixth round of their bout when he said that pacman is just too fast.

The pacman is the currently at the peak of his storied boxing career.

At 29, he has all the best elements in his system to face the biggest fight in his career.

Over all it will be a bout between youth and experience

Excellent small boxer against a big but fading fighter.

Again a bout to watch.

Early choice of boxing pundits is dela hoya.

They found that his edge in height and weight is just too much to be overcome by pacquiao’s sharpness and speed.

Many think that it is a mismatch but that is too much belittling the capabilities of pacman.

Do not forget that like Dela Hoya, Pacquiao can overcome so many adversaries in his life and look where he is now.

Pacquiao is a rare find and will give Dela Hoya the fight he will never forget and in some way regret.

Watch out for the fight of the decade!!!!

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  1. jessiepaul said,

    im not a good fan of boxing . . but i like and admire pacquiao too much because of his dedication and determination. hopefully he wins this fight and become the most greatest boxing player of all time. . . idol tika manny!!


  2. ericksonx said,

    Me myself can’t wait to see the fight… for me this could be history in the making… people don’t think this could be possible and now it’s coming.. wowowoowowowo

  3. lawinthemountainer said,

    yap its the most awaited fight of the year.

  4. Leo said,

    I am not as interested in this fight as I was with Marquez and Diaz. It’s a catchweight fight with no title on the line. The fighters have nothing to prove to each other. And this fight will not prove anything. If de la Hoya wins, it’s because he’s just too big for Pacman. If Paquiao wins, it’s because de la Hoya is passed his prime. There will be a lot of excuses after the fight and the best excuse is that this fight was just all about money. I don’t think it’s good for boxing.

  5. lawinthemountainer said,

    yes sir you hit the nail from its head. . . i agree whole hearted with your comment

  6. dane said,

    It’s ok. The important is try n try until retire… yahoo……hehehehe
    watch the fight and join the debates wahehehehehe… i vote for de la Hoya, proved that if to much is bad hehehehehe….


  7. brock said,

    ..just like in heavyweight division..height and weight has a big difference..but small fighters in the heavyweight division defeats other big guys!!they knocked them out..
    … pacman is a wise fighter and a dangerous puncher..dela hoya is a great fighter…both of them are good fighters..expect the unexpected!!shit may happen!!
    if pacman wins…i think mayweather vs pacquiao is the next awaited fight!!!

  8. Ericksonx said,

    This some kind of a history in the making… that’s why most people all over the world is waiting for this what they call the dream fight… but if i were to ask… i want dela hoya win….

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