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pacquiao vs dela hoya

Hearing from Filipino’s most popular athlete, boxer manny pacquiao, it seems that they are pushing for him to face world’s most popular and celebrated boxer today Oscar dela hoya.

Pacquiao is being groom to battle the golden boy in his farewell fight before finally hanging up his gloves.

This is the fight that pacman will gain everything.

He is surely the underdog and of course perceived to fall under the much taller dela hoya who will have at least clear three inches height advantage.

Pacman who is at the height of his popularity not only in his country, Philippines, but all over the world will still have a fighting chance.

As pointed out by his celebrated and outspoken trainer Freddie Roach, dela hoya is not the same as he was five years ago.

To say it straight, he is well pass his prime and will likely will wilt under the active attack of pacman.

Money wise, they will both get their maximum pay.

Probably they are the most bankable fighters today excluding of course the retired floyd may weather and ricky hatto so they will get enjoy all the possible perks.

Lo behold however, i think it is the dela hoya camp who will have the final say on the possible mega blockbuster bout.

Dela hoya’s legacy is at stake and he will surely wanted that his final fight will be something he will be positively remembered.

Without doubt dela hoya will be the odds favorite in case the fight materialized.

That is why this early, roach is stating some conditions like having the weigh in the day the fight itself to avoid too much weight discrepancies.

Pacquiao’s camp also is proposing the 147 lbs fight weight which is their best option while dela hoya will likely to press for 150 lbs.

It is a very interesting and intriguing fight if it will happen.

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