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Dela Hoya vs Pacquiao on

The confirmed between boxing box office superstar Oscar ” Golden Boy” Dela Hoya and Manny ” Pacman” Pacquiao, boxing’s hottest commodity will be surely the one of the most anticipated and talk about bout of the year.

Dela Hoya a six time world title holder, with hollywood charisma, boxing superstar and currently the top boxing promoter of the world

On the other hand, Manny Pacquiao, the current hottest and most exciting boxer in the world and the Philippines’ national pride.

A mere scratching the surface of the fighters’ boxing career and achievements, you are guaranteed of a hell of a fight.

Let us go to their obvious advantages.

For Dela Hoya, his height, about 5 inches reach advantage and experience.

He is not a six time world boxing title holder for nothing despite his ripe age now of 36.

The Barcelona Olympics 1992 Olympics gold medalist certainly knows what are the things stakes in the fight and he will surely summon all his best to produce again another outstanding fight.

For the Pacman, his speed and youth will be his clear edge.

No doubt that he has the fastest hands in his division.

No less than his last opponent, David Diaz stated to his corner in the sixth round of their bout when he said that pacman is just too fast.

The pacman is the currently at the peak of his storied boxing career.

At 29, he has all the best elements in his system to face the biggest fight in his career.

Over all it will be a bout between youth and experience

Excellent small boxer against a big but fading fighter.

Again a bout to watch.

Early choice of boxing pundits is dela hoya.

They found that his edge in height and weight is just too much to be overcome by pacquiao’s sharpness and speed.

Many think that it is a mismatch but that is too much belittling the capabilities of pacman.

Do not forget that like Dela Hoya, Pacquiao can overcome so many adversaries in his life and look where he is now.

Pacquiao is a rare find and will give Dela Hoya the fight he will never forget and in some way regret.

Watch out for the fight of the decade!!!!

baby mermaid or merman????

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CANDON CITY, Ilocos Sur- —  Could it be her craving to telenovelas?

Ruby Urpiano is a certified addict with telenovela gave birth to a child with one huge leg like a tail of a mermaid or merman August 21, 2008 in Patpata 2nd, Candon City, Ilocos Sur, Philippines.

Like all her family and neighbors, she herself could not explain why.

What is obvious is her craving of watching telefantasias and telenovelas particularly Marimar and Dyesebel.

Marimar and Dyesebel aired over Abs- cbn and GMA- 7 with lead role character played by actresses Claudine Barretto and Marian Rivera respectively both transforming into mermaid.

Urpiano, 25, mother of three, of Patpata 2nd, Candon City and plain housewife start watching television after lunch from their neighbors until all the telenovelas are over in the evening.

She could not afford to buy one as they barely have enough food for them.

They live in a nipa hut with husband larry working on odd jobs available.

Ruby said that she did not find anything abnormal in her womb when she was still pregnant with child.

She got the shock of her life when she saw the figure of her fourth child.

The baby whose gender remains unclear died after 30 minutes.

“I was shock but I accept it,” Urpiano said.

The child is about 12 inches and one kilo in length and weight respectively.

Her hilot (traditional midwife), Carmen Raquepo, said that when she was checking the womb of Urpiano, she found it unusual because of the oneness in the movement in one area presumably the feet.

Raquepo said that it was her first time to see such child figure in her more than two decades of working as traditional midwife.

Relief operations for victims of typhoon karen

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The City Government of Candon waste no time and immediately dispatched relief goods and implemented other measures to ease the effects of Typhoon Karen that hit hard the city.

The city was practically under water and many lives were in endanger as result of the typhoon.

The city government led by City Mayor Allen Singson worked round the clock to patrol the whole city and look at the situation of the Candonians.

The City Social Welfare and Development Office was the lead department in the distribution of relief goods.

Candon at th height of Super Typhoon Karen

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The City of Candon was one of the hardest hit by super Typhoon Karen on Aug 18-19, 2008.
The whole city was under the mercy of the said typhoon as flood practically put the whole city under water.

the main roads were almost not passable with only heavy or huge vehicles like dump trucks can fly the routes.

The city government led by City Mayor Allen Singson immediately made actions ensure the safety of all its residents and those passing by.

Deputy Speaker Eric Singson ordered the different construction companies to lend their dump trucks to carry people from the endangered area to evacuation centers.

the city dump trucks were used to carry goods to be delivered to the people and transport people especially those stranded.

Thanks GOD the storm calm down after Aug 20.

Amazing Michael Phelps

US superstar swimmer Michael Phelps is now probably the superstar among the stars of the on going Beijing Olympics.

He is vying to surpassed the nearly impossible, the seven- gold medal harvest of fellow american Mark Spitz in 1972 munich olympics.

Phelps watch no less than US President George Bush won in his first two events.

Winning he 400 meter medley and helping the US team to win the 4x 100 freestyle relay, both in world record shattering record.

the 23- yr old sensation is indeed an extraordinary man.

His current medal harvest alone align him already to the greatest ever Olympians as he has already garnered eight golds and two bronzes overall if we include his medals in the 2004 athens olympics.

I am sure few will object if we will consider him the greatest ever to swam in the olympic waters.

He will erase all doubts with the outcome of this olympics.

His eight-gold aim in this olympics is almost impossible goal with consideration to human capacity and the depth of the competitions where records fell nearly every event.

But Phelps has shown his beyond human’s limits.

the amazing kid will indeed get all the accolades when the games end.

With or without surpassing the mark, Phelps has done enough to get all our praises!!!!

pacquiao vs dela hoya

Hearing from Filipino’s most popular athlete, boxer manny pacquiao, it seems that they are pushing for him to face world’s most popular and celebrated boxer today Oscar dela hoya.

Pacquiao is being groom to battle the golden boy in his farewell fight before finally hanging up his gloves.

This is the fight that pacman will gain everything.

He is surely the underdog and of course perceived to fall under the much taller dela hoya who will have at least clear three inches height advantage.

Pacman who is at the height of his popularity not only in his country, Philippines, but all over the world will still have a fighting chance.

As pointed out by his celebrated and outspoken trainer Freddie Roach, dela hoya is not the same as he was five years ago.

To say it straight, he is well pass his prime and will likely will wilt under the active attack of pacman.

Money wise, they will both get their maximum pay.

Probably they are the most bankable fighters today excluding of course the retired floyd may weather and ricky hatto so they will get enjoy all the possible perks.

Lo behold however, i think it is the dela hoya camp who will have the final say on the possible mega blockbuster bout.

Dela hoya’s legacy is at stake and he will surely wanted that his final fight will be something he will be positively remembered.

Without doubt dela hoya will be the odds favorite in case the fight materialized.

That is why this early, roach is stating some conditions like having the weigh in the day the fight itself to avoid too much weight discrepancies.

Pacquiao’s camp also is proposing the 147 lbs fight weight which is their best option while dela hoya will likely to press for 150 lbs.

It is a very interesting and intriguing fight if it will happen.

Old Style farming back in Ilocos Sur

Old method farming is back in Candon City, Ilocos Sur to fight off the unstoppable oil price hikes that is hitting the whole country nearly every week. Using cow or cabarao can ease some financial burden to farmers.