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limit telenovela show

Posted in my views and opinions by lawinthemountainer on July 6, 2008
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Aside from the devastating typhoon Frank that hit the Philippines recently, the country is still being hit ‘telenovela’ mania.

Unlike Frank who had long left our country, we thank God for it, the telenovela mania remains and there are no signs that it will be leaving.

Komiks king Carlo J. Caparas’ hits are reportedly will be in the television tube sooner.

Everybody in the country knows the character of Marimar, lobo, dyesabel, joaquin bordado, my girl and others.

Aside from the TV giants and front runners in TV ratings GMA- 7 and Abs-Cbn, ABC 5 and the government run stations have their own.

I have to quarrel regarding the airing but can we not limit it.

One, the there are already too many shows with same theme or line of message if there are.

I am batting for shifting to reality shows and note worthy talk shows at the TV prime time.

A Oprah type will be a good model.

Second, our kids who usually are glued practically every night are not getting the needed substance they are supposed to get from television.

Television whether we like or not is the most influential medium.

Nearly all houses regardless of status in life have television sets.

All open especially during primetime that product owners are willing to pay five figure rates in every 15 seconds to advertise their goods.

Let us maximize therefore the presence of television by choosing the shows that have enough substance or meat for the brains of ours and our children.

Let us look for better shows if we are fed up of same kind of shows.

I firmly believe that if we are more concern in the shows we are watching eventually it will reflect in the television rating.

Owners of television stations will follow thats for sure!

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