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disgusting and depressing story

Posted in for information by lawinthemountainer on July 8, 2008

Email from a friend I do not know it the following are true story

For everybody’s consideration


I don’t believe this story until last week end, when I went home
from Pampanga, my mom told me this news. One of our neighbor witnessed the
funeral. There is a grade 6 student near our barangay, who was missing for 2
days. There are posters of his picture everywhere… after how many days,
the body was found with missing eyes and kidney… a Php20,000 was inserted
on his body with a note ‘PAKI LIBING NA LANG…’

Hindi lang white van na yan ang gamit nila ngaun me green black at
maroon. Me look-out nakamotor pag me nakita bata tinatawag dun sa kasama na
nasa Van, take note me kasama na clang doktor na nag-aalis ng organ. Even sa
mga subdivision nakapasok na rin sila kya inform nyo sa Guard nyo. Sa amin
sa Dasma kahapon grabe dami Pulis at Barangay sa Gate Red Alert kasi me 3
bata nakuha around Dasmarinas, Cavite . Me 1 nakaburol sa AREA-H2 walang
mata at Internal Organ with 70,000 na pera. Even yung  Elem.  School sa
tapat ng subd. namin di na muna pinapasok yung mga bata kahapon grabe
nakakatakot po. Sa Manggahan trece   cavite
mag-ina magkasama pilit na kinuha
ung bata, lumaban ung nanay ayun binugbog tapos nadala ung bata last week
un, nakita ung bata sa Paliparan patay na din wala ng organ at mata. Meron
nga skecth nung isang kasama nakapost na din dun sa Gate ng subd namin. This
morning in Kawit Cavite 2 bata, nawawla at sa Quezon 3 year old na batang
babae nakita patay walang heart at kidney.

News: World
Kidnapping in   Southern Luzon ,
Victim’s Internal Organs Missing
by Jean Stuart March 09, 2008

Kidnapping is rampant nowadays. Kidnappers usually asked ransom
money from the parents of their victims. But lately, I was disturbed of the
news about the kidnap victims whose internal organs were missing after they
were found.

In Ibaan, Batangas four children were abducted. One of them was
found with the pair of eyes missing and with Php 30,000 pesos on his/her
mouth. Three were found with missing internal organs. There was also report
in Tanauan, Batangas with a missing heart and Php 8,000 pesos on the hole of
the victim’s chest. It’s really creepy.

Lately, there have been reports that the kidnappings is not only
happening in Batangas. There were also similar incidents in   Cavite and
Laguna. Last Wednesday, March 5, my friend told me that there was a third
year high school student (from a school in San Pedro, Laguna) was abducted
on her way home. I still haven’t heard about what happened to the victim.

I heard that a syndicate is behind this kidnapping and they are
selling the organs to the black market. Text messages and email messages has
been circulating saying that a white van with plate no. VMM 507 is said to
be the kidnappers van.. In our place the cartographic sketch of the kidnapper
and the plate no. of the vehicle used by the kidnapper were posted

Residents in our area in Laguna were already afraid. Students going
to school were now accompanied by their parents and yayas. It has been
reported that the kidnappers where luring children going to and from school.
Our school management even released a letter to parents to watch for their
children when going to school and while playing.

Pls confirm and kindly include it in your prayer. Thanks

limit telenovela show

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Aside from the devastating typhoon Frank that hit the Philippines recently, the country is still being hit ‘telenovela’ mania.

Unlike Frank who had long left our country, we thank God for it, the telenovela mania remains and there are no signs that it will be leaving.

Komiks king Carlo J. Caparas’ hits are reportedly will be in the television tube sooner.

Everybody in the country knows the character of Marimar, lobo, dyesabel, joaquin bordado, my girl and others.

Aside from the TV giants and front runners in TV ratings GMA- 7 and Abs-Cbn, ABC 5 and the government run stations have their own.

I have to quarrel regarding the airing but can we not limit it.

One, the there are already too many shows with same theme or line of message if there are.

I am batting for shifting to reality shows and note worthy talk shows at the TV prime time.

A Oprah type will be a good model.

Second, our kids who usually are glued practically every night are not getting the needed substance they are supposed to get from television.

Television whether we like or not is the most influential medium.

Nearly all houses regardless of status in life have television sets.

All open especially during primetime that product owners are willing to pay five figure rates in every 15 seconds to advertise their goods.

Let us maximize therefore the presence of television by choosing the shows that have enough substance or meat for the brains of ours and our children.

Let us look for better shows if we are fed up of same kind of shows.

I firmly believe that if we are more concern in the shows we are watching eventually it will reflect in the television rating.

Owners of television stations will follow thats for sure!

Philippines’ longest cigar

Philippines\' longest cigarLongest cigar carried during grand parade

planting is really never fun

watering rice seedlingsRice planting is really hard work and will never be fun. Look at how farmers in Candon City, Ilocos Sur like all rice seedling planters in the world endure the hardship just to have little income and for all of us to eat. they are our unsung heroes.

planting rice seedlings ins never fun

planting will never fun Rice planting is really hard work and will never be fun. Look at how farmers in Candon City, Ilocos Sur like all rice seedling planters in the world endure the hardship just to have little income and for all of us to eat. they are our unsung heroes.

be environmentalist

Hello everyone

As the Philippines enters the so called wet season, i again see the beauties and wonders of environment. The green mountains though many are obviously naked and denuded.

The green color covering our hills and mountains are good enough to thank the lord for wonderful nature he provided.

Unfortunately not all of us appreciate it.

The worse is we even destroy and some of us are very successful already as the ill effects of raped environment are already felt and continous to be experience by us.

I enjoin everyone to share their contributions to regreen, reforest and protect our environment.

I enjoin leaders in public and private to follow the works of Puerto Princesa City Mayor Edward Hagedorn as there city had been practicing feast of the forest for the last 18 years.

Look at their forest, they had clearly gain from it as tourist destination and protected very well their source of water.

Another city to emulate and eventually also making a name in environmental protection and preservation is the city of Candon.

Under the watch of City Mayor Allen Singson the city had conducted already four consecutive Fiesta ti Bantay (feast of the forest) at the city own 130 hectares land situated in Palacapac and San Andres, Candon City.

Thousands of fruit bearing trees like mango, durian, jackfruit, santol and others are already planted and ready to bear fruits.

Mahogany, narra, gemilina and other lumber trees are now towering in the area particularly near and surrounding the watershed area.

In two or three years, the area will surely be eco-tourism site and the city government and its partners like other government agencies, baranagy folks and other sectors involve will surely benefit from it.

Again he environmentalist.

Let us help prepare our area for our children and the next generation to come.



Pacquiao vs Valero?

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the search is on for the next opponent of the world’s best pound for pound boxer today and Philippines’ pride Manny Pacquiao.

On top of the list is Edwin Valero, the devastating fighter from Venezuela.

News circulating states that Valero has the inside track of the November 8 slated fight of Pacquiao.

Now is he the best opponent to choose if one is given the chance?

From my end I say no.


For some simple and practical reasons.

Valero will have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

Valero has an incredible boxing record of 24 wins no loss with all his wins by knockout including 19 in the first round.

He is currently the reigning World Boxing Association super-featherwieght champion.

Valero, 26 and managed by Akihiko Honda is no push over and obviously again a very dangerous opponent.

I find it too risky for Pacquiao to face Valero considering his status. When risk everything if you have other ways to still avoid it.

Why not face Ricky Hatton of Great Britain or Jose Casamayor.

In case he square off against Englishman Hatton even in his current 140 lbs division, super-lightweight, he will be up against an equally popular fighter and with fan or support base.

It will be i think Pacquiao best option.

After the fight it will be time for Manny to think of retiring. That will be again another piece. . .

Is pacquiao now the greatest Filipino boxer?

The devastating win of Filipino ring gladiator Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao against the badly beaten and dethrone Mexican- American David Diaz again will resurrect the question is manny pacquiao now the greatest boxer of all times the Philippines ever produced?

Before the entry of Pacman, it was no doubt the Gabriel “Flash Elorde was considered and almost handsdown choice of many especially our boxing analysts and scholars.

Even when Pacquiao began showing what stuff he was made of.

His meteorically climb to  become one of the most exciting fighter of his generation did not move many of the Elorde believers.

More so when some of Pacman’s outside the ring activities were being expose to tri-media and his humiliating loss in his first political try in 2007.

The once poor boy from General Santos City however elected to make some changes and move to the better and proper direction.

Pacman eventually upped even his boxing popularity and even further improved his boxing prowess as shown by his wins against future hall of Famers Mexicans Erick “El Terrible” Morales, Marco Antonio Barrera and juan manuel marquez.

His marquez split decision victory set him up to the Diaz fight many thought will be a very crucial fight.

One his last victory was clouded because of the close decision which could have gone neither way.

He is moving up to higher division which is clear five pounds up.

His devastating performance where his showing is considered by his renown trainer Freddie Roach as his best performance ever erase all doubts about his capacities and what is made up as a boxer.

Pacquiao justified is current billing as the best pound for pound boxer today.

He holds now the distinction of the only Filipino fighter to ever win the lightweight belt.

Lastly as the first Asian fighter ever to win four boxing belts in four different divisions.

Pacquiao really has gone a long way and currently the top world boxer undoubtedly.

All of these praises and accolades of Pacquiao did not seem to affect him as he remains humble and true to himself which in my view is even more remarkable.

This can easily be attested by the countless media interviews that he accommodates and still show signs that his feet are well planted to the ground.

From my end I have no doubt that Pacquiao was ever future holds him is now the greatest Filipino fighter of all time.

More so he could contend himself even the Asian best produced boxer.

(the above post is my humble opinion as a sport fanatic and a boxing fan)